04 March 2005

On the Origin of Spatulas

In determining the prescence or abscence of intelligence of our anscestral humanoids, determining usage of tools plays a major factor. Not so much whether tools were used, but how. Did they differentiate between different tools for similar tasks, i.e. using better adapted or specialised tools?
The right tool for the right job.

As I seem to have a penchant for, I've been using a 20 ton sledgehammer to drive carpet tacks again. Figuratively. As you can see, a simpler method was always available, but my desire for detail drew me to attempt an insane chore of creating a map of impossibly large scale such that 1" = 1". Just imagine attempting to fold that sucker. Not to mention the gathering of images detracts from actual game enjoyment. I hate to give up on the attempt anyway. Maybe I can contract Nevrax to send a probe for some aerial photos.

I finally disbursed the majority of Kalehar's posessions (all moneys to the Order of the Dragon guild) and quit the guild. I did send Lady Morgaine an in-game mail providing some of my heart-wrenching backstory while (hopefully) opening a 'legacy' way for my Matis character to join the guild and making a fond good-bye from Kalehar. Chtomelji has surpassed her abilities in half the time, although the Matis setting did help much with the crafting. Now all that remains is the trek to Pyr, which is probably going to be much less than fun, but we shall see. I would like to return to the Matis lands though, as foraging wasn't this easy in Fyros. On the other hand, I have a distinct impression that the Fyros is the more popular homin among players. Pyr was always jumping, and Yrkanis seems totally dead by comparison. Most remarkable is the level of chatter. HOURS will pass in Matis lands with not a single p33p peeping.

Well, game on, lets see if I can reach Pyr today... -K

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