03 March 2005

If Knowledge = Power, does thought = impulse?

Don't get me started on the physics involved there, cause I can do it!

Photoshop SC dont like my OS (ME) and I have been considering a move to XP, but that would necessitate a CPU/mobo/RAM upgrade due to 1) Win OS' = resource hogs and 2) the general principle of MITASWELL to address item 1. So I'll go back to earlier efforts of trying to appropriate an earlier version (except that the conduit for that wil be in Turkey until about the end of March...).

OK, preliminary image melding using software at hand went better than expected.

Nice as that looks, technical problems remain. Using that software requires that I specify an image size and then insert image copies into that void. I'd really like to just merge images without previously specifying a size. I'd also like to keep the images full-size for as long as possible into the process, but I'm sure that'll lead to hella big file sizes real fast. That wouldn't actually be a problem, but would almost certainly cause irritating swap-file activity during editing. Bummer.

And I managed to overwrite my homepage index while trying to post that image.
BAH! Yet another thing to fix/clean/do/email... argh!

But I'm wasting time. Morgaine got on a bit ago, I need to go and tell her that I am formally retiring Kalehar.

And kill things.
Thats always a plus. -K

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