25 March 2005

Sorry, Mohammed lives three mountains down the road.

Yesterday's concept was 'stepping stones.' Even a failed venture can have positive fruits. How, I wonder does that explain me?

Today we'll learn how to saw a lady into three bits and then dispose of the evidence.
Oh, Damn. She ran away. Even faster than the man with nine legs.

I had a great idea for a story a few hours ago. A good, funny ending too. You won't see it today. (See Jim? Ya shoulda stuck around! Thanks for the Marlinespike.) You won't see it tomorrow either. It's good enough that I think I'll mail a copy of it to myself. That's actually part of a problem I am having. The disbeleif angle. You see, I have to wonder if some of these things aren't me remembering other work. From my perspective, what I've just started writing feels a LOT like Harlan Ellison's prose. HE is one of my top 5 favorite authors, so that's more a compliment to myself if it is genuinely original work. I don't beleive that I fear success on my own merits or anything like that. I'd really hate for anything of mine to be received as really great and then be revealed as someone else's work.

You've heard the BS saw about monkeys and typewriters? BS I say. How in the world are you going to have a monkey want to type instead of running around eating, fucking, or shitting on everything? A population beginning as small as multiple millions tends to be used in the example right? There are now 6 billion people in the world today. Alive right now. I cannot fit that number into my brain. 6 billion. Now lets count backwards to the era of the printing press. Just for grins. A generation is what, 18-30 years, depending on degree of prudishness? Call it 4 generations per hundred years? (a longer rather than shorter generation is more conservative and helps correct for "losses", you know, like genocide) All the way back to 1436. Does 27 generations sound right? With a population decrease in each generation going backwards. I won't do the math but lets consider ALL of those people at once. Everyone who lived during and since the printing press was invented. More than 10 billion sound good? 12-15 billion? Sounds good to me.

So, call it 15 billion humans, from printing press to now. Not monkeys, but bona fide homo sapiens. Once of all those people, of all that time, only one William Shakespeare. What I'm thinking about right now are his sonnets. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day.." was written, I beleive, about his young son, who died at an early age.

Monkeys tend to pick insects off of their children, not sonnets.

So you bring your one gazillion monkeys. I got a nice IBM Selectric. First one to type a sonnet wins the argument for good and all. Creativity trumps fecal ability.

So how does that explain congress?

24 March 2005

Listen to mah story 'bout a Gov'nor named Jeb....

A poor Texas Oil Baron that barely kept his family fed.

Yup. Politik.

I don't expect anybody to beleive this. I first realized about two years ago that Jeb Bush is being groomed for the Presidency. Oh its not such a huge revelation, and the little ways that it is happening are becoming more and more obvious. Did anybody notice when Jeb went on a tour of the areas devastated by the tsunami? Thats right, Governor Jeb acting as foriegn dignitary and faux good-will messenger.

Funny how things work. I thought that he had a state to run, you know, duties or something. What precisely was Jeb going to do about what he saw, implore congress to send more aid? The entire concept seems masturbatory until you consider his future political prospects. The same could be said right now about the Terry Schivaro case. There's Jeb again. Now he wants to assume custody of Ms. Shivaro. I guess he has a nice spot planned for her in the garden of the Governor's mansion. Since the constitution still works properly, hes not going to accomplish anything. Our courts and the application of the law must be absolutely devoid of feeling and compassion. Unfortunately, whats really happening is that Jeb is campaigning (yes, I'm sure you noticed that too). He threw himself on this political football early on, and now, despite his failure to accomplish anything, he's the #1 champion of Ms. Shivaro's right to life. [I'd rather it be him than Tom De Lay, but thats personal bias] Look for a post-failure invitation to the White House for the Shindler's (Shivaro's parents), also attended by Jeb. That last part is actually a bit of a suprise for me, I hadn't expected the entire GOP to jump on the bandwagon at the last moment. Two weeks ago I would have guessed the invite would be to the Florida Governor's mansion.

Now I'm going to make a subject transition, and its something happening a lot like Jeb's Presidential prospects. Jeb's attempts may have been fruitless, but he is gaining in recognition, in potential political power to be called upon for a future goal.

That is precisely what is happening in America's oil industry. Domestic oil production has been falling off since the 1970's, resulting in increased dependence on foreign oil. You knew that. [Pepsi break.... mmmmm] The 2001 National Energy Policy made a number of politically dangerous reccomendations; facilitating better ties with foreign oil producers (particularly in the Western Hemisphere when possible, and that means Hugo Chavez!), and increasing domestic production. ANWR raises its ugly head.

Let's not have any illusions here, if current efforts fail, the GOP and Big Oil will try again, and succeed at some point. Big Oil, however, has been becoming a bit disillusioned with the current push. They were hoping it would happen sooner. Whats the point in spending billions to lobby congress when thats what the billions that went so support GOP campaigns was for? Whats really happening is that Big Oil knows something that you dont. Very few people do, actually. The President himself might not know, and if he does, he is NOT telling.

There was a geological survey performed on the area some years ago. The results, however, are secret. I can guess what it is though; There is an oil deposit there, but strategically negligible in size. If there was an oil feild there to put the Saudi's to shame, then we would already have been pumping it. As it stands, if there is (miraculously) some 10 billion barrels of oil there, that source will reduce dependency on foreign oil by 3% for about 20 years. Much Ado About Nothing.

So its a political football, and any success is going to be moderate at best. So why all the fuss? It is because Big Oil has a bigger goal in mind. ANWR is just a stepping stone. If they can bludgeon their way through to drilling in a protected wildlife refuge, then they are one step closer to the real goal of drilling off the coast of the continental US. Especially off California. Yeah. Wouldn't the environmental groups just throw a fit.

The sad fact is: thats what it has come to. A majority of oil from overseas, and a minority of energy conservation at home. Switching gears to focus on renewable energy would throw a constellation-sized spanner in the works of the American economy. The real point should be that the same will happen when we suck the Saudi's so dry that their testicles shrivel up and die. When that happens however, we will be nearly 100% dependent on them. So a small crash now, or a much bigger one after the incumbent political figures are out of office. Pretty easy choice for them to make.

What a marvelous country we live in.
At least the legal system still works.

23 March 2005

oh yeah, its rotten Posted by Hello
And this was back in October.

I am no Icarus; I crave not your Sun.

What the hell is wrong with me?
Awake for 26 hours or more, I managed to sleep for all of five. If even that.
Yet when I awoke, I set down and wrote this in a single sitting:


I remember the stories that my mother told
Of dangerous desert creatures; their dread sight
Remembered ‘round the campfires late at night
Of the great Fyros warriors, mighty and bold

Of Pyr! O Mighty City! Tireless walls and ramparts
Home to the noble Fyros that wield fire and steel
The Emperor's wondrous palace; fine sparkling jewel!
Fortress of the desert, shielding courageous hearts

So powerful the tales, so memorable the words
That my dreams were short-sighted; far too meager
To be great as the Fyros of legends, Yes! I am eager
To be remembered in songs that shame the birds!

Much have I leaned, and so much sweat
Great friendships were made; so many were kind
Fine advice they gave; my wounds they did bind
These trials are long, but I cannot forget

That my heart is yearning, awaiting the day
When the energy I feel and the Kami consult
Fiery desert I shall scour, and the Dragon hunt
I will yet be with you, Mighty Pyr, so far away

For long shall I toil, and ever strive;
Ever stronger become, and thirst for the day
This journey is complete, and I proudly say:
O Majestic Pyr; I have arrived!

Then, I was responding to something else on the message boards, and I threw this down;

(I was working nights; the days just melt together. The sun comes and goes as always, never pausing to ponder the name affixed to its journey.)
Where does all this come from? Is it lingering in my subconscious from some half-remembered poem?
And yet, when I get up to attend the head, I unwittingly punt the 2-liter bottle of Pepsi that nurtures me. Great, Karl, just great. Since when was I deficient in the Froth group?

This is not news, but neither have I mentioned it (that I can remember).
I shall not be taking the 425 to the machine shop this year. Nothing has changed except possibly the gravity that I assign to issues of personal finance, which shall not be addessed in this medium. I shall continue dissasembly and cleaning. Rebuilding the 2v carb will barely be a rainy afternoon's worth of distraction. Possibly I may rebuild the starter, since I've had nothing but trouble when it came to replacements for my beloved Soylent. Body issues on the Mission will be paramount importance. Particularly since I went to the trouble of replacing the trunk weatherstrip only to find that the real problem was a leaking back window. That's almost definitely going to be cancerous.

More fuss and fume to that. I cannot weld. I have never brazed. I am unwilling to perpetrate a partial rectum fix which will only need to be corrected later. Nor am I inclined to make use of any patch material that is not structurally useful. I only used a resin patch on the rear quarter last year because I beleived it was helpful to contain the cancer for the interim. I may, however, have sealed IN water leaking through the rear window.

And now on to the bashing....

After further review, regarding how to write from a woman's perspective. A much more terrible pun would be:
"What literary tool shall I snatch from my box."
Ah. The power of lewd thinking.

22 March 2005

Happiness is a nice warm 40

Ahh.... 40 hours away from work.
Yeah, its just a grunt job but the OT is a nice plus. Short layover while I acclimate for moving to a different shift.
Accomplished a good deal this morning. Created a links page for my website. For now its just some of the webcomix I frequent; much more content to be added in future. I need to select an appropriate wallpaper. Or an inappropriate wallpaper, whatever. I re-learned some HTML tags and learned some new ones to alter the side bar awaaaaaaaay over there on the right. Thats MUCH better. Hmm.... ooops. I need to alter the bottom of that. Needs a bold Karl and a hard break after that for improved spacing.

I think I made a major breakthrough for "Disconnect". Thats what I decided to call the first peice, and no, I'm not linking to it yet. It is an internal soliloquy refencing another (minor) character. Switching the genders of the two make it much more plausible. The main question remaining is what do I need to know to successfully present a woman's thoughts? What literary tool should I pull from my box?* The safe route involves basic truths about men from the standpoint of women. That's not at all hard to do. Yet something that more explicitly has the hallmark of femininity is desired. That nuance that would make the character really live. I may already have that element, but more on that later.

I had originally written myself into the major role, as it was based on a dream I had whose storyline spun WAY out of control. Since the peice is still mutating, it is obvious that control has yet to be established.

Political content will likely return as the mood takes me.

*This blog ensures reader safety through PUNBOT - Making your lives safer and happier through drab reading.

21 March 2005

Dumb Ass ex machina

I had thought for some time that I should leave politics out of this journal. To be completely honest, I cannot come up with a single good reason why. Since I'm VERY disappointed with some 52% of Americans, and I have to suffer through another 4 years of "... the White House denies...", then by God, I am going to use my Constitutional right to complain about it!

Financial 'Reform'

I mean tax cuts, tax code reform, social security 'reform', everything. Its all about America's rich people (excuse me, America's rich who donate to Republican causes) gaining more money and being taxed less. [Its also about market share for Wall Street, who has been after this since at least the 1970's, but thats incidental to the GOP.] Those fancy ass tax cuts do a lot more for the rich than for you or I. Social Security is an even better example. FDR did something brilliant when he created Soc Sec. A poor laborer who gives a lifetime of work and pays his taxes will get more in retirement benefits than he ever would with any personal retirement account. Thats because Soc Sec uses that payroll tax to redistribute the 'wealth' downward. Thats also why the GOP wants to kill it. Why should rich executives (and politicians) submit to a payroll tax when they ALREADY live like they are retired?

Government Infomercials

As if I have to say how asinine this really is. Not only are they selling their BS under a thin guise of journalism, but I'm paying for it???? Hey! I want my money back!

Here is the real kicker:
Lets imagine for just a moment that the W regime is a big corporation. (Not that its hard to think that way, but bear with me.) This corporation's legal counsel (the Justice Department) has told the head office to ignore the independent auditor (the Government Accountability Office) when they say that the Infomercials are illegal. Hmmm... I smell Enron.

Jesse 'the Body' Ventura

Speaking of Social Security and Government Infomercials, remember Jesse, the former Governor of Minnesota? I beleive we need more public figures like him.
Opponents loved to seize on his association with 'scripted entertainment' in attempts to discredit him. At this moment, Emperor W is on an infomercial tour. He's making grand speeches about how we need Personal Retirement Accounts to pre-screened audiences that offer only well-rehearsed questions. Everything by the numbers. One, two, three, turn; turn, turn, kick, turn.
Hey W! Jesse may have been wrestling, but the audiences were REAL.
Thats something that the White House will never, ever allow.

Hey! I want to see W fly over the top rope. D'ya suppose I could convince them to spend my tax money that way? Hell, I could sell tickets.

During his Navy SEAL years, Jesse and his team were lucky to survive a training accident. I can think of a number of politicians that more richly deserve to be caught by the current at the bottom of a freezing river. And that list crosses party lines.

Thou Shalt Have No Message Before Ours!

From today's New York Times:

"The agenda submitted with the application indicated some of the conference activities would support lobbying, and the budget that was submitted was not able to show that federal funds would not be used for lobbying activities."
Crudely interpreted: the enemy of my enemy just might be lobbying for my enemy, so kill both.

The Saudi Royal Family

My current reading has proven most illuminating. Anyone in this Administration, or ANY administration, who says that its not all about oil is full of shit. Full. Of. Shit. The only way to be more completely shitty is to be employing a team of monkeys to actively fling more feces at you.

The relationship between the United States and the Saudi Royal family is ~exactly~ like this:
The U.S. is a wealthy and powerful woman executive and the House of Saud is her 'kept man'. She's going to buy him a house, a car, playthings, and generally throw money at him because he gives her what she wants. When all is said and done, she is going to take it VERY far up the ass, and then - bleeding and screaming in pain - ask for more. Because thats what it takes to get what she wants.