25 February 2005

Hey! Hey! Hey! Gotta Stay. Gotta Stay. 'Cause I can't go up the chimney.....

Well, Enrolled here to post on Keoni's blog (Ryzom related) but I MITASWELL transfer what I've previously written to this here site as well. Updates will be VERY infrequent.



EDIT: Remember the poly-lingual "Whazzzaaaaap!" beer commercials? Well, when I explored the website and checked out their audio samples of "Whaassuuup!" in other languages, I was disappointed. As tends to be the case when more enthusiasm than understanding is brought to bear, quite a lot was lost in some translations. The Scottish equivalent was, well... undecipherable to me. The Norwegian, however, I could understand just enough to realise that they missed the point. Apparently some ad agency beleives that "Whazzzaaaap!" is the equivalent of "Star til!" (I use the letter 'a' here to represent the 29th letter in the Norwegian alphabet, which is an 'a' with a tiny circle above it, and is pronounced with a long 'o' sound)
"Star til!" is obviously a curtailing of a traditional greeting. Much like other European nations, "good day" is the most common greeting that you will hear. This however, is a shortened version of "Hvordan star det til?" Literally translated, that means "How does it stand (with you)" - basically it DOES mean 'how is it going', but shortened to "stands it!" it's just gibberish.
So to make a short story really, really long - uh, ooops, too late - I found that the Fijian "wooolaaaa!" (sp???) is also allegedly the equivalent to "Whassssaaaaap!" If any Fijian speakers would care to correct my spelling or whatever grammar is involved, I'd be grateful.


Previous blog attempt insertion:

Much undo about Oldsmobiles
12 October 2004
Splatch. Whir. Bang.
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Finally applied a fiberglass resin patch. VERY messy. Not bad for my first one, though. Some pix are here:


I'm fairly impressed with the patch. Hopefully the metal was adequately sealed. If it weathers the winter with no problems, I may remove it and do a proper job of it in the summer. We'll see.

At the same time I realised that the panel interior was much more corroded than I had hoped. Last Thursday I pulled the remains of an OLD "C" battery out of there. Clearly thats what caused the panel to rust from the inside out. Bummer. Since the interior is difficult to reach with tools, I'll have to rely on scraping and chemical inhibitors to preserve whats left in there.

The last of my pre-winter restoration projects is replacing the trunk weatherstripping. The old (and original) stuff is literally falling apart, and really should have been done like 4 years ago when I aquired the car. But... recriminations are immaterial at this point. The weatherstrip is 15' long. I've been spending 1-2 hours/day on removing the old stuff. Its so rotten that it just falls apart, yet the face that had the adhesive still holds on pretty good. But I've got some 98% out by now and just need to clean the remnants out of the channel. There really isnt a tool to adequately supplant elbow grease for strip removal, however there IS a wire cup brush for the Dremel tool that fits into the channel very well for cleaning. I'm effectively done with that phase now. Got to remember to get 2-3 more of those brush bits, those are nice for detail work on carburetors too! I ordered the new weatherstrip on Thursday, but havent seen it yet so I'll probably be done with the channel cleaning before it arrives. Theres only two more sessions left for cleaning. A second bout with water-based solvent (a relatively strong mix of Zep's "purple" cleaner) and then a going over with a bodywork prep solvent (forget the name) to dissolve remaining adhesives while also preparing for sealing any exposed metal.

The first cleaning session was yesterday, and yeah, pretty filthy. All that rotten weatherstripping dust that didnt come up by vaccuuming.

But before that I went to the Kane Co Gun Show. Mostly to get my gun card renewed, but also because its been 4 or 5 years since I was last at one of these. Typically some good non-gun deals. Found another Safariland speedloader for my revolver. NOBODY seems to carry this brand. The guy I bought it from loves this brand too, but for whatever reason, the HKS brand (slightly different release mechanism) is the more popular one. Scored 4 combo wrenches with mild rust for $1 each, I got sizes 13/16" - 1". May have found a source for claw-type scope mounts for my Mauser:


The rifles he had on hand used mounts dissimilar to those I need. Worth following the trail anyway.
Also bought a bottle of "Gibbs" rust remover and penetrant oil. $12 a bottle is cheap for this??
Well, it seems to do what it claims, but still sounds like snake oil. Bottle (looks like a tall shaving cream can!) dispenses a red foamy liquid in a stream with decent pressure. Doesn't mention whats in it (gives CAS #s though) or any warnings beyond Flammable and chemical hygiene.

Much eye candy otherwise. Some nice M-1 Garands, a Japanese Type 99, more cap&ball revolver replicas than I recall seeing at these. One guy had two restored Broomhandle Mausers, another had a British .455. I need to remember to ask someone why I never see any WWII era GI .45s (except the rare&expensive) at these, I'd think there should be a metric shitload of them in circulation.

Work tonight, hope that weatherstrip shows up soon.

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7 October 2004
Bamboozled by battery cables
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I was gathering the supplies I'll need to finish my interim body work. The list included some MITASWELL items, including battery cables.

MITASWELL: verb, future perfect a set of conditions, when met, that will be an improvement over the current or standard situation. "While you're getting beer, you MITASWELL get some aspirin too."

The battery cables were for the Mission. The 1965 Ninety Eight was crashed, sold to a freind of mine, its engine pulled for racing, and the rolling shell sold to me. It has no engine, but all power toys except remote mirror which was manual. Power remote mirrors hadn't been invented yet.

Anywhoo, in order to move the seat back to facilitate some electrical & brake work, it has to have a battery hooked up. Ergo a need for batt cables.

So I went to the usual places, though it was already evening when I started. All that I could find were these HELP!-type items that were called "OEM style" battery cables and only in pathetically thin guages compared to what I had used in the past. Thanks to the observations of my freind David Brown, I happen to know that many GM cars started using aluminum cables instead of copper as early as the late 1980s. Aluminum presumably being cheaper than copper. So here in 2004, I ~know~ that anything called "OEM style" just ain't copper.

Pep Boys had aluminum. Sears had aluminum.
Sears???? Say it ain't so!
More places to try tomorrow.

Please Lord! Don't tell me copper cables are a specialty item now... my noodle's already slipping off the plate here!

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6 October 2004
The End
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What the hell is this? A blog???
Well, I'm only doing this cause it seems a decent way to track my progress. Or lack of.
Mobility notwithstanding.

I seem to have Ferret Syndrome.
Everytime I ~have~ to do something important, I get distracted.

So a lot of my projects get put on hiatus due to extended distractions.

Ooooooh! Shiny!

Current objectives - in nonsensical order;

Objective Phi: find a girlfreind!
Shouldn't be difficult, but so little progress.

Objective Umlaut: get a better job!
Why, O Lord, do you smite me with imbecile managers?

Objective Zed: complete work on Mission.
Mission is a 1965 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Sedan.
More on this later, prefferably on a rainy day when I cannot work outside on the car (or have some other lame excuse).

Objective Perestroika: Clean the damn aparment.
I feel like such a boob. I'm fastidious at work and cant seem to put anything away at home. I'll just use the excuse that I need more furniture or shelving or something. Argh.
I really need to begin Operation TSO.


Just so long as all my precious collectibles and keepsakes and momentos stay.... (sigh)

Those are my current goals.
Work pretty much wiped me today, so I didnt accomplish much. Got a bunch done yesterday though.
If only I can ever stop fiddling around so I can get a good night's sleep and be actually rested for work for a change......