16 August 2005

Tommy, can you see me?

I was progressing in my philosophical/religious research (or trying to) when I realised something that occurred to me to be extroardinary.
But again, I should start at the beginning.

I'm finding the Indo-Europeans fascinating, theres a few good articles here and here. I have also been trying to see what I could learn about mysticism in these societies.

Mysticism is defined as the gaining of direct knowledge (of the world, the universe, or God) through a subjective experience that is neither based in reason or perception. The Oracle at Delphi was a decent example of mysticism. A priestess inhaling fumes from a fissure in the earth uttered things that her acolytes interpreted as answers to queries from petitioners. Ostensibly a trance brought on by planet fumes gave her mystical insight. A curiously lasting rumor goes that the Oracle declared Socrates the wisest man in Athens.

What I recently realised is that there is a very common form of mysticism that is practiced fairly often in the modern world: prescience in dreams. It is foreknowlege of a sort. Specifically it is typically foreknowledge of yourself at a future time, and thus is knowledge of the world or the universe. For me personally, it has only occured once in a great while.

What seems more significant to me is that most (or some, I havent taken a poll or anything) people of this glimpse of mysticism in their dreams. So the subconcious is capable of mystic knowledge at rest, how much greater if effort was put into the task?