28 June 2005

Quick reaction to headlines

Such interesting things happening: where to start?

Most noteworthy is CNOOC late attempt to buy Unocal - but that deserves a separate blog. Its actually a big enough topic where a cursory treatment doesn't do it justice.

Recently read about the "Evicted Three" - three young pro-Kerry people that got kicked out of one of Cheerleader W's "Social Security" forums for having a liberal bumpersticker on their car. If you haven't heard of it, that pretty much sums it up. The bumper sticker said "No Blood For Oil". They had tickets from a local congressman, and were stopped on their way in by one of the "extended" White House flunkies who was acting like a Secret Service agent. Oddly, the Secret Service says no, it wasn't one of theirs, and allegedly they are looking into it as a criminal investigation (which in itself is strange). Anyway, a liberal group is footing the bill for them to go to Washington and protest getting thrown out for that. In an ironic twist (I'm getting a real charge out of this!) some of the most White House freindly conservative Congressmen are coming out in support of them since the whole issue smacks of a Free Speech (or Assembly) violation. There was even a remark from a congressman like this: if W is only preaching to the choir, isn't that counterproductive?
Rah-rah! Go Evicted Three!

Mister Grey, former head of the FBI under Nixon, is feeling betrayed now that it turns out that his trusted #2 was the one that broke the Watergate story. Well golly. Apparently Mr. Gray didn't quite understand the terms of his posting. Mr. Grey, it says quite clearly in your job description that you don't get to complain or feel betrayed.

The Supreme Court refused to hear the case of Miller and Cooper, reporters who will now be jailed for contempt of court in what I ironically am led to call "the Valerie Plame affair." Ironic because her name becoming public is the guiding theme of this whole circus. I do sympathize with the reporters, but the legal precedent in Branzburg does ~not~ protect the reporters from the arena of a grand jury hearing (if I read it correctly). The precedent set there is clear enough to make the matter a non-issue.

There was at least one more thing in the news....

... ah well, thats probably enough entertainment for today.