25 March 2005

Sorry, Mohammed lives three mountains down the road.

Yesterday's concept was 'stepping stones.' Even a failed venture can have positive fruits. How, I wonder does that explain me?

Today we'll learn how to saw a lady into three bits and then dispose of the evidence.
Oh, Damn. She ran away. Even faster than the man with nine legs.

I had a great idea for a story a few hours ago. A good, funny ending too. You won't see it today. (See Jim? Ya shoulda stuck around! Thanks for the Marlinespike.) You won't see it tomorrow either. It's good enough that I think I'll mail a copy of it to myself. That's actually part of a problem I am having. The disbeleif angle. You see, I have to wonder if some of these things aren't me remembering other work. From my perspective, what I've just started writing feels a LOT like Harlan Ellison's prose. HE is one of my top 5 favorite authors, so that's more a compliment to myself if it is genuinely original work. I don't beleive that I fear success on my own merits or anything like that. I'd really hate for anything of mine to be received as really great and then be revealed as someone else's work.

You've heard the BS saw about monkeys and typewriters? BS I say. How in the world are you going to have a monkey want to type instead of running around eating, fucking, or shitting on everything? A population beginning as small as multiple millions tends to be used in the example right? There are now 6 billion people in the world today. Alive right now. I cannot fit that number into my brain. 6 billion. Now lets count backwards to the era of the printing press. Just for grins. A generation is what, 18-30 years, depending on degree of prudishness? Call it 4 generations per hundred years? (a longer rather than shorter generation is more conservative and helps correct for "losses", you know, like genocide) All the way back to 1436. Does 27 generations sound right? With a population decrease in each generation going backwards. I won't do the math but lets consider ALL of those people at once. Everyone who lived during and since the printing press was invented. More than 10 billion sound good? 12-15 billion? Sounds good to me.

So, call it 15 billion humans, from printing press to now. Not monkeys, but bona fide homo sapiens. Once of all those people, of all that time, only one William Shakespeare. What I'm thinking about right now are his sonnets. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day.." was written, I beleive, about his young son, who died at an early age.

Monkeys tend to pick insects off of their children, not sonnets.

So you bring your one gazillion monkeys. I got a nice IBM Selectric. First one to type a sonnet wins the argument for good and all. Creativity trumps fecal ability.

So how does that explain congress?

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