22 March 2005

Happiness is a nice warm 40

Ahh.... 40 hours away from work.
Yeah, its just a grunt job but the OT is a nice plus. Short layover while I acclimate for moving to a different shift.
Accomplished a good deal this morning. Created a links page for my website. For now its just some of the webcomix I frequent; much more content to be added in future. I need to select an appropriate wallpaper. Or an inappropriate wallpaper, whatever. I re-learned some HTML tags and learned some new ones to alter the side bar awaaaaaaaay over there on the right. Thats MUCH better. Hmm.... ooops. I need to alter the bottom of that. Needs a bold Karl and a hard break after that for improved spacing.

I think I made a major breakthrough for "Disconnect". Thats what I decided to call the first peice, and no, I'm not linking to it yet. It is an internal soliloquy refencing another (minor) character. Switching the genders of the two make it much more plausible. The main question remaining is what do I need to know to successfully present a woman's thoughts? What literary tool should I pull from my box?* The safe route involves basic truths about men from the standpoint of women. That's not at all hard to do. Yet something that more explicitly has the hallmark of femininity is desired. That nuance that would make the character really live. I may already have that element, but more on that later.

I had originally written myself into the major role, as it was based on a dream I had whose storyline spun WAY out of control. Since the peice is still mutating, it is obvious that control has yet to be established.

Political content will likely return as the mood takes me.

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