02 March 2005

Never the Twain shall meet...

...cause the twacks go in different directions.

Ryzom's Windermeer shard came back online sometime this afternoon, so I did some feild testing (pun intended - hah! I kill me!) before I went to work.

Walk, screenshot, walk, screenshot, walk, screenshot.......
I pared 'desktop' components to a minimum and re-mapped the JPG screenshot key to increase efficiency, but I can already see where some problems will arise.

Basically, I've been intending to merge a series of screenshots into a long strip image, then repeat for another strip, and then merge the strips. Thats a bit like NASA probes do, except they have the luxury of being farther away, and can scan an entire strip pretty fast. They can also take parallel strip images fairly quickly due to their automation.

And here is where problem #1 arises: parallel. Walking across Yrkanis, no sweat. Walking across Yrkanis multiple times on parallel (and slightly overlapping) paths while taking screenshots........ yeah, thats gonna be a tad tricky.

Problem #2 (sorta related) is the several solid objects (obstacles). These are GOOD for map purposes (obvious landmarks) but will cause problems in creating the map image at first. Particularly, metropolitan Yrkanis will be nearly impossible, though thats a low priority.

Clearly there will be a few gaps as I assemble the strips. In some cases I could probably past in filler terrain, but in most cases I should think I would want to re-shoot problem areas just to confirm that pertinent information isnt lost. AND THEN as long as I have a full image which would fill a gap in the map anyway... mitaswell cobble that in.

Parallel is still going to be an issue. There may be a way I can use the compass to overcome that, but most objects in the compass move, and while I can set compass for some landmarks, I should want to be heading ~towards~ (or directly away from) the landmark at all times or my strip will wander. Such compass-ready landmarks just aren't there - with the possible exception of Natae to the west... and come to think of it, there is another town southward...

I may need to consider this a bit more...

It looks like I can DL a 'tryout' version of Photoshop SC (whatever "SC" means). I am certainly not able to shell for a full version.

Work beckons - K

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