06 March 2005

Fuss! Fume! Fuss! Fume! BASH!! BASH!!

Mozilla seems to have "lost" my e-mail settings. ARGH!

Is it just me? I have no end of frustration getting my e-mail to work properly when this happens. The Ameritech e-mail client is EXTREMELY cumbersome compared to the Netscape/Mozilla style.

During the periods when I give up in frustration, I have manages to get fairly far in my resource mapping. I will soon expand to the north of Yrkanis for various reasons: a lack of resources in the souther areas being a cheif one. Most importantly, it is almost spring, and some transient spring-only resources are soon to appear in one location I know of. Its mostly Choice fiber, but I'm sure theres an Excellent resource there that I havent tapped yet: I didn't yet have the ability/skill to harvest it when I first found it.

Also I am trying to get to Pyr. Not the smartest course of action, due to the big nasties that are on the way. I got relatively close to the border before I "discovered" that those flying javelin thingies will attack without provocation. Damn. I need a respawn point much closer to the border. Anyhow.... game on!

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