07 March 2005

Ad Astra per Aspartame

Figured out my e-mail problem. Not really "solved" because I dont know if I can recover any of the e-mails that I had before two days ago. Bear in mind that that includes e-receipts, verification of site-specific passwords, ersatz love e-mail from web girlfreinds (if they are female), and even my addressbook. Now the scope of the problem is evident. For the future I'll have to figure some way to text dump everything into a storage file of some sort... but first things second.

Recieved from Amazon and started reading Michael T. Klare's "Blood and Oil", and as I imagined, I've only gone a few pages and am already enraged. Its pretty much just confirmation of what I've already suspected, but having the facts is a good thing.

Had Jiffy Lube perform an overdue oil change last week. They suggested a coolant change (antifreeze) for a mere $79.99. That is ~fucking~ insane. The coolant capacity of the Nissan is 8.75 quarts, which is two gallons and change. I've got that much AF lying around from Oldsmobile projects and thus could change my own for NO material outlay whatsoever!
(well mebbe it was $49.99 - its still crazy)
((fucking would still be appreciated though =P))

Parents are off to Turkey this week for some tourism (and some work-related for dad I think). Yeah, I worry a bit... or more than a bit. However, if you aren't living then you are not really alive, are you? Hell, I wish I could go.

A sudden burst of warm weather yesterday lasted overnight until early this morning. It peaked at 10am and then got overcast and grew colder. Good. I need to do Olds things and I'm not really prepared for it. I still dont know what I'm going to do about that leaky window. I didnt realise it was that bad until after I had the trunk area sealed, then it was ALL wet after a rain. Its really gonna turn out to be a situation where metal has to be added, and theres only one or two good ways of doing that. I can do none of them. I was going to caulk it... last fall. Still haven't done it. I'm getting that old helpless feeling again. There are things that I can do and things that I can't. Its just sad that the crucial things that I need to do have prerequisites of more money than I have.

Something will come to me, but it will probably be another cold.

I haven't got to Pyr yet. Haven't tried walking it since Sat. I want to post the Chtomelji saga, but Word Perfect is freaked out by my current HDD config, which I only need to have for another day or so. Then back to normal. Its mostly written, but I need to add a few details that I had thought of and one I left out because it felt awkward when I wrote it. Fear not. I'll link to it when I post.

Game on. -K

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