15 March 2005

What font size is the letter of the law?

Does this text appear overtly gigantic to anyone?
I tried veiwing this with IE yesterday and the font appeared to be of size = fucking huge!
Most likely a difference between how a style sheet is rendered in IE and Mozilla.

So I wondered what anyone else thought of the font size.
Maybe I just have the default size set to tiny in my browser. Also I've ditched my Ye Olde 13" Monitor for a 17" flat screen. A concurrent switch from 800x600 to 1024x768 desktop resolution kept most everything looking the same as before.

Resolved at least one issue with Morgaine's character for 'Sorrow'. More remain, but will be easier to resolve now. Its a matter of completing a jigsaw puzzle when you do not know the ultimate size/shape of the completed image or the individual peices. Each peice succesfully added redefines the remaining task.
Work tonight, doing some research before bed.

1 comment:

Sparrow said...

The font looks fine to me and I use IE.