17 March 2005

Overdrived and sleep-deprived

I was informed by the outgoing co-worker that it was going to be slow last night. Wrong. I wasted time filing on my boots when I shoulda been cracking. For some reason I awoke after only 4 hours sleep, and it was one of those times where just going back to bed would not be fruitful.

Running around on 4 hours sleep: not a good thing. Multiple moments of brain fade, though I did have some ideas for Sorrow. From those ideas, what I've adopted so far looks like it may be headed in the wrong direction. It gives the story a dark turn right from the start, and seems no longer to be going where I wanted. OTOH if I can make it work, then it will have a built-in message.. dark, but a good fit for where I thought I was headed. Then again, tired minds are way too susceptible, I should consider tossing the new ideas.

Landlady wants to know if my keys work. Well she's a cheapskate and the lock needs to be replaced. The original keys are so old that copied keys dont work well. Fortunately, I have one of the originals, but I come and go more often than anyone. But I'll be happy to leave a not suggesting she get a new lock. She could take the current one to a 'smith and have it refit, leaving the joint unlocked while I'm asleep. I'm going to forget to mention that option.

3/18/05 Edit: That was SUCH a bad idea for the story. Needs to be placed in the "Why I Need a Lobotomy" file. I hope nobody EVER finds out what it was I was contemplating, and in fact started to write. It's just as well it was going nowhere. Now I have to go do something else to get my perspective back. Thats good as I need to finalize another story.

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