14 March 2005

Multiple topics today. Begining with me not being satisfied with this blog template, the column is much too narrow. I suppose I could compensate for that, but honestly, why should I bother?


A mister John Scott Pajak (hereafter referred to as "JSP", which is actually his pagan name) chose to infuriate me once again the other day. He seems to be convinced that I am the obvious candidate for a future owner for his 1965 Delta 88, despite the Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles of sound and sober argument that I consistently provide to the contrary, and formal requests that he not repeat those overtures. Given the curent political and economic trends, it is likely for the best that I have lost my beloved Soylent to the forces that tax. In the interests of fiscal responsibility, I have previously made clear that if I cannot make progress with The Mission, I will quit the Oldsmobile as a hobby for good and all. JSP my freind, screw you.

I've decided on a format for that last display of creative fervor. I'm going to write it as a triptych, with one section written from each point of veiw. That accomplishes a number of things at the same time. It makes the narractive a lot more interesting. It will help me greatly in fleshing out the other characters when writing a third person's perspective. Most importantly it keeps me from losing interest in the project since there are now 3 (three) distinct backstories to develop. [Well, since I've already got a good idea for two of them that argument loses some weight, but I really do need to keep my attention focused] The working title for the story is "Sorrow", and I'm thinking of posting it on my website as I progress. (if you noticed the "dead link" link, thats what I have planned for it)


Yes, an old hobby, but a topic new to this blog. I've been in Graveyard Shift Killers for a few years now. Like most families, we've had problems and our founding member retired, but we're still together. Our server is still going ...er, well, this may actually be the third server in our history, but its running. We maintained it as a fun place to play and our rules emphasize respect for the other players. We were trying to brainstorm for new ideas recently. I suggested time-unspecific competitions, and someone else suggested T-shirts.
T-shirts? DAMN. Why didn't ~I~ think of that?


I got some errands done today ... and there was much rejoicing ~yay~! Aluminium recycling and laundry were the big ones. While waiting for the laundry I got gas (eeep!!) and bought a needle file set. It should be handy for my automotive hobby, but theres something else much more pressing: my workboots. I finance my poverty by trudging around a lime kiln. Quicklime is very hard on boots. It just saps the moisture from leather. A side-issue that I've been having is that my laces keep breaking. Apparently multiple eyelets on the boot are cutting into the laces? I dont remember similar happening so quickly elsewhere on other boots, maybe its the lime making the laces weaker? At any rate, I'll try to file down any sharp bits on the problem eyelets and see what happens. For the most part I'm already doomed to replacement laces, which are never of the same quality as OEM bootlaces. I don't really understand why that is either, Red Wing et alii could make a killing.

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