13 April 2005

I Before E Except Afternoons And Evenings

Perhaps it is a disease. I keep writing everything (even freehand) in absolute contradiction to the rule. I even wrote "concieved" a few hours ago, so I am even getting the exception backward! This is extremely embarassing for one who aspires to wrestle with diction, or other politically incorrect fare. It must be a new strian of vuris.

This is a good, and fairly shrewd article on the times that bind. My only real objection is I think he's overly harsh with the media. On the other hand, I have my own reasons to think that the New York Times is a conservative-leaning wolf in non-partisan drag.

One of the contributors to the Science Fiction Blog wrote this regarding a news item:
"Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense." It's possible that I have taken that too much to heart. I kept trying to re-write resurgence because the introductory banter when the two characters meet never felt real to me. Instead of "Ooooh! Tell me more!" she should kick him in the balls and scream for the cops. Several rewrites later it looks like I'm writing a completely different story. So many ideas, so little focus. What I ultimately decided... um, about 12 hours ago (golly I need to get to bed) was that I need to get resurgence posted, even if its only a first draft. What I did to resolve the dialogue issue was to put it in a strophe/antistrophe format... if thats the correct term. I think it actually reads better that way. I also corrected the dead link on my home page to link to a menu containing it and future literary misdeeds.

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